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Home » Ways for a More Organize and Clutter Free Home
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Tired to have excess in your home and does not know how to remove unnecessary items and had too many of them still for your taste? The difficult thing is you probably want to keep most of the possessions you have, so just throwing them away isn’t an option.

Try to make it easier by making a good working space before you start. When you have an item in your hand – ask yourself the initial question – do you want to keep it? Then ask the right sub questions to decide where it should go after that.

Here’s how to manage clutter stuff that might work for you:

Rate Your Clutter:

5 – These are items that are place in your home called non-negotiable. This may include, family photos, business files or office equipment which you think might be needed for future reference.

4 — Items that are difficult to replace and items you use every day. This maybe your clothes, craft bits, pile of CDs, some furniture, a favorite sheet set, towels, and jewelry.

3 — Items you use occasionally but haven’t used within the last six months.

2 — Items you rarely use but feel hesitant to toss.

1 — Items you never use, like seasonal items, specialized tools, and unused gadgets. That cute gift boxes, shopping bags, glittery stationery which have not been used for months and extra wrapping paper.

Once you determined the above criteria, you will be able to sort-out which are important and which are not.

As you sort your less important items, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I love it?
  • What’s the special memory behind it?
  • Do I have the enough space for it?
  • Can I replace it?
  • Can I easily borrow it or rent it if I need it again?
  • Does it compare to the items I ranked as a 5?

Next is to decide whether to :


Is it in the right room? If not, put in “DIFFERENT ROOM” category

Do you need it now? If not, put in “OUT OF SEASON” category

Does it need anything doing to it before it can go back in the space? put in “MEND” category

If none of the above, then simply add to the “KEEP” pile – Try and place LIKE WITH LIKE in your keep pile i.e. all trousers together, all pens together etc…. – this will help you in the next step.


  • Is it in good condition?

“GIVE AWAY”, “SELL”, “CHARITY” categories are all options

  • Can it be recycled?

“RECYCLE” category

Time to make space for new memories and it will go pretty smoothly by letting go of anything that is unnecessary, get organized, and it will go pretty smoothly by keeping only which really matters to you and to your home.

Marieta "Mayeth" Abordo

Licensed Real Estate Broker

PRC Lic. No. 0000759

Mayeth Abordo is a Professional Real Esteate Broker and Founder of SOLIDSOURCE REALTY PHILIPPINES since 2010, a Real Estate firm based in Las Pinas City. She specialize in applying her expertise and market knowledge to Broker both horizontal and vertical projects that consistently exceed the investment goals of her clients.

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